Traveling Peguyangan
Traveling Peguyangan Nusa Penida Bali

Traveling Peguyangan Nusa Penida Bali – Peguyangan water fall Nusa Penida Bali. The island of Bali, it is rightly said to be a world paradise for a vacation. The beauty of the beach has been heard to the international scene. However, many do not know that the beauty of the Island of the Gods is not only the beach, but nature is also very charming. Like Peguyangan water fall in Nusa Penida for example.

Namun sayang, hanya orang bernyali besar yang bisa mencapai Peguyangan water fall ini. Sebab, letaknya terletak di kedalaman tebing yang menghadap ke laut. Jadi, bagi mereka yang memiliki rasa takut akan ketinggian, maka tidak disarankan untuk pergi kesana.

Traveling Peguyangan Nusa Penida

Peguyangan water Fall is located south of Nusa Penida. It is advisable to be careful when down the stairs, because the place is very steep. In the middle of the road, you will find a large pipe as a means of water supply to the surrounding community. Before actually arriving, visitors will pass about 870 steps under the coral reef.

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Although the journey will be very tired and tired, all will be paid so up. Visitors will find a very crystal clear bath like a pond. In addition to the air is so beautiful, the view of the cliff that directly looked into the ocean would be very charming.

Around Peguyangan Falls there is also water that is considered sacred by the local community. However, visitors can also consume little to eat there. It will refresh your throat and fatigue immediately disappear instantly.

And It is said that this place is made a place of meditate meditation by nyi queen Kidul or known as the Queen of the South Coast, so that people erect statues that resemble the figure of Nyi Ratu Kidul in this place.

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